In most areas, the metaphysical community has unfortunately become a competitive workplace.

We intend to transform that by creating opportunities for like-minded practitioners to come and use the ashram facilities to not only enhance and amplify their personal sessions, but to provide a forum for members of our community to come together and discuss or mastermind a new atmosphere of empowering, supporting co-op type of symbiosis.

Crystal Ashram trained facilitators through our “Human Activation School” will skillfully guide these mastermind groups toward a higher conscious cooperation.


The Crystal Ashram project concept was created with overflowing abundance in mind, so there will always be plenty of resources to initiate new potential ashram locations.

After qualified ashram curators are identified they will experience an immersion of intensive support in the following ways:

  • full guidance and support every step of the way to duplicate this wonderful concept with Human Activation School technology from initial CA Founders. The Human Activation School of Expanded Consciousness was originally founded as a “Pathway of Liberation” for those who wish to be the original initiates for the epicenters of each school, which are intended to be housed within each Crystal Ashram. Each new initiate will be receiving generously as they will be simultaneously taught to pay it forward to the next Crystal Ashram as well.
  • the original founders of this concept Monte and Liz manifested and donated from their personal collections and financial resources over a half a million dollars worth of crystals and rare antique Tibetan bowls. Many of these crystals and bowls are waiting for the opportunity to become the initial seed blessings of each ashram
  • unlike a trust fund that would be drained dry quickly by the recipients, we intend to teach each Crystal Ashram curator how to manifest all that is necessary for their ashram to be a fulfilling and powerful place as well with enough overflow to pay it forward to the next ashram