The Crystal Ashram will be starting a crowdfunding campaign within the next month as well as setting up the project as a non-profit institution. The campaign’s main purpose is to generate the funds needed to finish creating the first Crystal Ashram outside Annapolis Maryland in an accelerated manner. It has been under construction for years and has had a small family of supporters donating their time and energy to help create it. We are looking to accelerate this construction process with the crowdfunding campaign so people will be able to use and copy this first model of what a Crystal Ashram can be as well as join the ever growing community and family of the Crystal Ashram.

Also within the next month we will be transitioning this project to a non-profit so that excess funds generated through donations and outreach events will be put into a trust for when the next individual steps forward and wants to start their own Crystal Ashram. We have an excess of Antique Tibetan Bowls and Crystals, enough to seed 3 Crystal Ashrams. All we need now is the space and the community to support this expansion endeavor.

Please stay tuned for news about the opportunity to donate and help the cause in the near future. Namaste.

-The Crystal Ashram Family