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351 Dubois Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

Walk-ins welcome!

Come enjoy a unique musical experience, called a “Sound Bath.”
Sound bath! What’s that?


According to sonic specialist, Monte Hansen, from Annapolis, MD, “A sound bath is an immersion in sound frequency that cleanses your soul.”

Leave your rubber ducky at home.

Bring your blanky instead, for this super relaxing immersion!

According to cutting-edge doctors from Harvard, some of the deepest most profound healing in the body are accomplished with sound frequency.

That’s old news, though.

A 2nd century stone relief in the Himalayan mountains shows Buddha and his buddies playing ancient Tibetan singing bowls.

A Human Activation sound frequency specialist will be playing several of these rare Singing Bowls, some of which are over 200 years old.

A magical alchemy of 7-12 different metals rings in the past, present, and future for our relaxing enchantment.

Experience these gifts from the past in this NON-religious practice of our present. Come be rejuvenated or just captivated by this unique musical performance.

Did You Know? 
Mitchel Gaynor, Cornell Medical College’s Center for Integrative Medicine director of medical oncology, is renowned for Tibetan Singing bowls successfully being used in his medical practice?
Human Activation Science

“The peace, strength, and confidence this experience has given me has made me want to explore meditation. It’s given me a whole new perspective. My intuition feels incredibly enhanced and my sense of awareness has expanded. I’ve never felt better than I do now!”
– MM

Bring your pillows, blankys, and yoga mats and snuggle into the comfort of the tranquil sounds. Feel free to sit, lay, or even stand! First-timers welcome.


7:00 pm –  Meditation Reception

**Meditation in our sacred space will begin promptly at 7:30 pm.  Please refrain from entering after 7:30 pm.**

7:30 –  Doors Close & Meditation Begins

8:30 –  Meditation Ends, Followed by Community Reflection

Cost: $15 – 30

Walk-ins welcome!

All proceeds go to support the Crystal Ashram 501(c)(3) non-profit where the Human Activation School of Expanded Consciousness will be held. https://humanactivation.com/.

Questions? Email monte@crystalashram.com. Text or call 703-395-4990.

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