At the Crystal Ashram you can learn about different methods to convert your property into an off grid home and offer pathways and ideas to do so. Unique rocket stoves, Earthship air-conditioning, building kilns,  outside ovens, and rainwater collection are just a few of the principles and structures that will be demonstrated on the property during community activities. 98% of the materials used in the renovation of the Annapolis Crystal Ashram are reclaimed lumber and/or cut and milled from dead trees being taken down and the structure uses passive solar collection for water and space heating. We will also be teaching people affordable practical ways to reduce their carbon footprint/energy usage. Classes and workshops will be offered throughout the year.


The conservation, transmutation, and purification of water is so important in our modern environment. With all the toxins that modern civilization has put into our world it is so important to learn how to structure your water and infuse it with love, positive intention, and minerals so that it can be a powerful tool in healing and restoration.


Learn how to plant, grow, harvest, and eat intentional food integrating crystals and subtle energies into food preparation. Learn the benefits of creating intentional food and how to put love back into food growth and preparation. Come experience ways of making your food have the most energy possible.


Helping you get into a more relaxed state within your body to help cut the mental chatter, creating a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Dance classes that bring conscious movement to meditation and mindfulness, cultivating the opportunity for moving in embodied conscious and activated ways. A space to be your fullest self, to be embodied, to be in-touch with your truth through movement, meditation, and music. Each session follows a path of activation through the chakras with gentle guidance to support participants coming back to their breath and their truth.

Body Work sessions will include many different forms of meditative hands on relaxation techniques depending on the particular practitioner that is doing the work. These forms may include Thai Message, Swedish and Deep Tissue Message,Trager Psycho Physical Integration,  Ayuervedic Body Work, Reiki, and Craniosacral.

Guided Qigong sessions will also help one in channeling and focusing their inner energy and promote healthy movement in their day to day life. Qigong works with Qi, or the natural life-force energy, and promotes a calm relaxation that creates a sense of agelessness in the body. In the Ashram Qigong actually works with gongs as well as we actually use large gongs to enhance the experience of energetic absorption.