There is a series of Koi ponds and waterfalls located on the property and we welcome people to lay and relax in a running waterfall to acclimate themselves to further water immersion experiences that we offer such as the crystal pebble bed and the isolation tank. Coming soon.



Lay in a bed of Tourmaline and Amazonite pebbles covered in water so your ears are just below the surface. You can hear the water traveling across the pebbles creating a relaxing feeling of peace and well-being. This waterfall crystal submersion will be located on the upper sundeck putting you in the canopy where you will be surrounded by the birds and squirrels. Coming soon.



A feng shui balanced garden with intentional planning and alignment with grid and flow principles creating a natural space to facilitate relaxation, meditation, and outdoor performances and activities. Coming soon.


This experience is not intended to help people overcome a fear of heights it is intended to help people experience a wonderful thing that any child who loved to climb trees would experience, which is to be high up in a secure tree and feeling the sway of the tree, yet confident that you are rooted in mother earth to the point of confidence that you fall asleep. This exercise is set up in a very safe setting with harnesses and pulleys so you can fall asleep either at the top of a redwood tree or the top of a mighty oak. Both trees are on the property and have been rigged for people to safely ascend and descend in a harness.


Come with your small group to get crystal clear about the intentions and purpose you are creating with your personal project. An exclusive B&B experience or minus the bed to sleep in (hotel accommodations for the night recommended). Come spend 2 full days at the Crystal Ashram and we will tailor a custom experience from the multitude of experiences and activation activities listed above just for your group. Coming soon. Please contact us for pricing and seasonal availability.


A standard isolation tank is a light-less, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in salt water at skin temperature. But the Crystal Ashram, just like with a lot of things we do, has its own take on the idea. Our Isolation Tank is unique in that it integrates frequencies from crystals and live sound frequencies from bowls, gongs, chimes, and didgeridoos. Made from clay adobe and infused with crystals it is also unique because it includes a facilitator that pre-qualifies and prepares you for the experience inside the tank. The facilitator will guide you through intro sound bath meditations and will custom tailor your experience to you. Coming soon.


This Annapolis Crystal Ashram is located on a creek outside Annapolis and has the benefit of a beautiful dock that one can sit on and appreciate the push and pull of the moon and its effects on the water in the form of tides.




The waterside Gazebo is built from rescued and reclaimed Douglas Fur lumber. Cut down more than 90 years ago this wood was scheduled to be sent to the dump before it was rescued and used at the Annapolis Crystal Ashram. The Gazebo will be right at waterside so you will be able to experience the tidal flow of the water as it goes in and out from the creek. This provides a period of stillness on the water that will allow community members to experience the still-point associated with the changing of the tide.

The floor of the Gazebo will have a mosaic built by the community on the floor embedded in a fine silica quartz sand. From time to time as the floor wears down we will periodically rebuild the mosaic just like a mandala, here for a time, then rebuilt anew.

Once the Annapolis Crystal Ashram is complete, periodically we will offer group meditations in the Gazebo that will be quite unique. During these periods a large copper pyramid will be constructed around the Gazebo and a large crystal grid will be constructed on the floor. Also Crystals and sacred geometric shapes will be suspended from the point of the pyramid hanging down through the center of the gazebo. Coming soon.


There will be an outside amphitheater for sound frequency work overlooking the water. There will be space for 1-3 people to sit and meditate in the space and be surrounded by sound frequency devices. The inside of the Amphitheater is a quarter dome covered in crystals from (Insert specifics) one deposit of crystals that acts as a large crystal geode that people can sit inside while working with sound frequency. The floor will have a sacred geometry mandala covered made with crushed Amazonite and a water channel running out of the amphitheater following the ley lines. Coming soon.