Each Crystal Ashram will receive immense support, training, and templates from the founding organization. More information on this can be found on “Our Support”.

First and foremost, attending the outreach meditations that are done to build the community of friends and supporters, as the local Crystal Ashram “trained facilitators”┬áreach out into the community to first give out before receiving back.

These meditations are conducted at four separate locations in different geographic regions all within a one-hour driving radius of where the local Crystal Ashram is intended to be established in.

This is an opportunity to identify the new Crystal Ashram leaders in the community and to network and partner with like-minded practitioners.

Phase 2 coincides simultaneously with Phase 1 as each community sets up a crowdfunding treasury by leveraging the master Crystal Ashram website and already established non-profit channels.

Phase 3–gather materials and organize resources, involves the accumulating of preferably reclaimed or donated materials. The first Crystal Ashram remodeling project in Annapolis, Maryland was built with 95% donated and reclaimed materials. One of the important materials that gets to be gathered at this point is crystals.

Of course, the initial Crystal Ashram founders will offer many amazing crystal clusters to seed each project, but it is essential to reach out to your local community for donations of actual crystals that people may have collecting dust at their homes.

Phase 4 support can be offered through volunteer help on what we call the “Crystal Ashram Sherpa Program”. These prequalified invited participants can actually be part of working on-site to build the vortex activated zen gardens, crystals grids, as well as the structure and other unique experiences that each Crystal Ashram houses.