“We would go from consumed and preoccupied with monetary gain, to sacrificing everything we had ever earned for a project that would yield us no promise of riches or stability.”

Not the audacious multi-million dollar ashram complexes of days gone by, but a simple modest setting in a family home that is warm, welcoming and real, yet powerful, inspiring and supportive.

We would go from being very private people, to choosing to open our home to strangers.”

The first Crystal Ashram would be in our home.

We looked far and wide for the right type of space that we could bless with our many crystals and ancient Tibetan and modern singing bowls to no avail.

Every spiritual space that we encountered was directly or indirectly influenced by a specific religious belief, dogma, or practice. We do not object to this. We were just not interested in supporting more of the same. We were interested in providing for others what we found as most conducive for our spiritual awakening.

So don’t expect the lavish, eccentric presence of the guru’s ashram on the estate, but what you can expect is what we have never heard of, or found to date, at one of those other ashrams—an accessible space, approachable and intimate, powerfully amplified by crystals from around the world, without the kooky metaphysical woo-woo or the over pretentious guru.

“We began by sharing our seemingly crazy insights and private experiences from our personal world of crystal and sound frequency meditation.”

You can expect personalized attention in small intimate groups, assuring that everyone has their full realization in the time that they are ready for their expansion.

You will not be required to become a member or join any kind of congregation.

 There is no expectation on the Pathway of Liberation.

“We hesitantly shared with a few people, the things that we would do in our private practice to bring clarity, stability, peace and tranquility.”

There is only subtle direction and support, in our spiritual space in an urban place.

“We would go from concerned about only our own well-being, to being concerned about the well-being of others.”

Once again, we were brought back to our roots, back to our family home, where it seemed so natural to provide spiritual experiences for people without the agenda of belief systems or established narrow-minded perspectives.

We encouraged pathway journeys for individuals to find their own way, helping them to follow their higher-self divine guidance, rather than following the spiritual influence of another.

“The first recipients of these experiences had such profound breakthroughs and realizations and hunger for more that we decided to go public, offering what we do in an outreach program that now spans a tri-state radius.”

The overwhelming reception and demand for these types of experiences inspired the idea of creating a space for people to come on a more regular basis to be introduced to a structured progressive realization.

This structured realization would take on the form of a literal structure that would mimic the lateral structure of the human chakra system. The journey in this physical building would awaken and activate participants at a pace and progression of their choosing.

This space would become known as a Crystal Ashram.

Each level within the spiraling structure would be met with amazing crystals from around the world that would match the appropriate colors and frequencies to activate the corresponding chakras of the human energy system. Each chakra space would also be supported by corresponding sound frequency instrumentation.

There are many unique and powerful experiences to be had at the Crystal Ashram, or even at our outreach meditations, eventually, we settled upon two different pathways that provide platforms for individuals to construct and create their own powerful spiritual practices.

These two pathways would become known as the Pathway of Liberation and the Pathway of Activation.



The Crystal Ashram is a spiritual space in an urban place.

No religion, dogma or guru just powerful places of clarity, amplification and serenity in your local vicinity.

Using crystals and sonic technology these sacred spaces are a refuge from the daily grind and an inspiration for and a space to aspire to.

A centre for community empowerment and a mecca for the secret schools of enlightenment.


The vision of the Crystal Ashram Project is to have centers popping up everywhere across the nation, beginning in the Washington DC area.

Our model is one of perpetual motion and paying it forward. Your initial donations create the inertia for the first Crystal Ashram to have the ability to support many others from its overflowing abundance.

What you set in motion will carry in motion. Your contributions in whatever form, large or small, all contribute to the initial fuel of an idea that will be sustained for generations to come.


Just as “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” the first Crystal Ashram near Annapolis, MD is just the first step in the intention of creating thousands of Crystal Ashrams. A Crystal Ashram simply offers a space for people to experience spiritual connection. This is achieved by creating local non-religious spiritual centers that allow the seeking pilgrim to stay within their community and to seek within themselves the divine being that is truly their greatest guide.

Many Ashrams of the past were nestled far away from bustling civilization as a retreat location in a remote area so that visitors could find spiritual solace outside of their everyday lives. Furthermore, many spiritual pathways encourage the seeker to seek outside of one’s self and go through mediums, clergy, or penance in the hopes of finding their spiritual purpose. These spiritual pathways have served their purpose in the past.

In the path we offer, the seeker is supported in interweaving their spiritual journey with their everyday life’s journey instead of causing the spiritual disconnect that we have witnessed among civilizations for thousands of years.

The Crystal Ashrams intend to provide spaces physically on this planet in which human beings can spend time with extremely large crystal clusters that are matched by color, frequency, and note harmonics to each chakra in our human vibration. In addition, The Crystal Ashrams will provide and use sound frequency to also enhance the expansion, awakening, or activation of the chakras with Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, didgeridoos, and gongs to help people on their path of awakening and conscious expansion.

Crystal Ashrams also sponsors and supports outreach events to provide a space for human beings to fully awaken to their sovereign purpose on this planet; hundreds of pounds of crystals, large temple gongs, and a world class set of Tibetan singing bowls and quartz crystal bowls are shared with the communities that resonate with the intention of the Ashram.

The Crystal Ashram does not advocate, indoctrinate, or disseminate any religious practices, mantras, belief systems, or rituals but rather supports and encourages individual spiritual pathways for each person’s recognition of themselves as a sovereign being.

The first Crystal Ashram to be constructed for The Crystal Ashram Project is located near Annapolis, MD, USA and will be opening soon to the public in mid-2017 for all to enjoy.

Currently, the Crystal Ashram is providing outreach activities in the community in order to raise funds for the completion of this structure. Once the first Crystal Ashram is established further proceeds will be used to continue the expansion and creation of more of these centers of spirituality across the world to pay it forward, and it is our hope that you will please come join us!