Information about Monte and Liz – the facilitators of these events:   

As a married couple, Liz and Monte bring a unique balanced insight into the world of crystals, as empathic crystal healers, guides and seers.

The custodians of this sacred Crystal The Crystal Heart Of Gaia Stone have traveled North America with thousands of pounds of crystals conducting many powerful crystal events, such as The Crystalline Convergence of Remembrance with The Crystal POD. 

Another special annual meditation they have been doing for the past few years is called the Crystal Heart of Gaia Activation.

Monte and Liz are the curators of The Crystal Ashram near Annapolis, MD, and are sound frequency specialists with ancient crystal technology.

This 3-story structure will be a spiraling ascension, where visitors will experience large clusters of crystals of different colors and frequencies that match each chakra of the body as they ascend in the structure. This will also be a sanctuary of heart learning and meditation through the Human Activation School of Expanded Consciousness.

The following photos and explanations are some examples of these events:



Crystal Heart of Gaia Activation/Meditation 

February 2014, Heartstone Lodge & Retreat Center in Shenandoah Valley Virginia

This meditation and activation is centered around a very rare, one-of-a-kind sacred, wisdom-keeper stone of the elemental’s.  This powerful Quartz Crystal is from the inner most voids of our Earth mother Gaia’s womb. This large hematite crystal cluster is red and pink in color and has naturally grown in the shape of the human heart (not the Valentine’s heart).

This is the first time this stone has ever been activated for this purpose with modern mankind. It has come forth for this human high-heart activation. This activation is not the heart activation that many work on nowadays. This activation is the turning on of the “Heart Mind”. Empowering the human participants to begin the switch from the head-brain to using the brain cells that have lain dormant in our heart, for eons of human generations. More about the science of the Heart-Mind, here.


This activation will include sound frequency vibration attunement with Tibetan metal and quartz crystal bowls, other vibration harmonics and light and color therapy healing stimulation, as well as a massive quartz crystal vibration attunement.

The ability to think through the heart is an ancient pathway that has been forgotten, lain dormant until now. This Great wisdom-keeper stone has come forth to remind us of the connection to Source, thinking through our heart-brain vortex only. Our head brain was only meant to be an internal (external hard drive) software storage computer, not the space we were to be connected and creating from.

Participants were guided to step over a full chakra colored grid gateway comprised of natural crystal colors from around the world.



Crystal Heart of Gaia Activation/Meditation

February 2015 

Bask in the energy of this sacred stone (Crystal Heart of Gaia) and several hundred additional pounds of other huge quartz crystals from around the world.  This auspicious display will be presented in a large metal alchemy pyramid, with a gold-plated sacred geometry Gaia Star*, suspended above the elevated Gaia Heart Stone and surrounded by a crystal grid of kaleidoscope colors.


*More information about the golden star hanging in the pyramid:  Gaia Star

Hanging above the Gaia Heart Crystal in the Pyramid is this large gold plated sacred geometry with a smaller 12 point quartz crystal star inside of it.

This phenomenon in geometry is the Gaia Star.

This Gaia Star, or empowerment star, is assembled with 12 extended points in a Phi ratio from the pentagram sides of the internal dodecahedron. Nestled within the dodecahedron is also an icosahedron. This form represents the combined energy of human and divine creation in the 3rd dimension. A trinity of divine male and female energies synergize in the radiance of this Gaia energy form to teach us empowering views about duality so we can value its usefulness in our transformation.


Through the support of the Phi ratio, the perception of duality raises to the harmony of the trinity, which is the source of infinity, birth and evolution. The threefold expression of the Phi Ratio of the Star Empowerment Grid helps us to experience the dauntless and unswerving courage of the love vibration. The Gaia Star Empowerment Grid formation allows the sending and receiving of energy and information at multiple energetic frequency ranges, so the person will easily assimilate it and feel the knowledge energy as part of their higher self. If that isn’t enough, this metal alchemic geometric formation is also accompanied by an internal suspended solid quartz crystal 12-point star. The following are some of the empowering benefits when using this geometric configuration:

– liberate access to creation, vision and balance

– a catalyst to ground personal power and assist in creative expression

– harmonizes group dynamics and is a catalyst of creative productivity

– creates a balanced integration (as above and so below)

– can be used to create, move, and strengthen Earth Energy vortexes

– it assists to bring forth relationships in a clear and elegant manner

– useful in empowering sacred space and charging crystals and elixirs

– facilitates deep inner exploration and release of stuck emotions

– assists as an anchor point for astral travel or dream states

Photos from the Crystal Heart of Gaia Activation/Meditation

February 2016 

The great Mother Earth-keeper Crystal greeting you at the gateway to the sanctuary.






This ancient stone carving of the birdman ancestor of Crying Wolf, can be found on the top of the labyrinth plateau.

Another example of a Crystal Ashram sponsored epic event is the…

“Crystalline Convergence of Remembrance”
March 19th – 20th, Sunrise Springs, 242 Los Pinos Road, Santa Fe, NM

Every several thousand years the greatest record keepers of the entire quartz kingdom comes forth from Mother Earth to instruct humanity. All the great channelers of the crystal world agree that a single Cathedral quartz can be a portal to untold myriads of historical data.  What if the Cathedral crystal cluster was almost 4 ft. tall and over 1,500 lbs? That is what has come forth in this critical time to be with us, an entire family of Cathedral, elestial light library quartz. This crystal cluster is referred to as “The Pod” as they carry the harmonic energy of a pod of dolphins or whales.



Combining “The Pod” with multi-colored lights and sound frequency will produce healing vibrations from this enormous crystal cluster, providing a harmonic attunement that is unprecedented.

The primary intention of this convergence will be to create a collective affirmation and use “The Pod” to amplify that intention into the community of mankind. B.Y.O.C. Bring Your Own Crystal to pick up the vibrational message, to take home to your community.

The pod along with hundreds of amazing crystals will be playing with healers, light workers, and musicians, along with YOUR energetic contribution.

Date/Time Overview

Friday, March 18th, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
“Crystal Rainbow Beings” slide show/meditation

Saturday, March 19th, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Wonderful harmonies with “The Pod” and master instructors.  Guides through an amazing journey of crystal intuition and collective co-creation of intentional precedence.

Sunday, March 20th, 9:00 AM to  6:00 PM (Saturday attendance required)

Pod enhanced attunement healing with the harp, gong, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and Reiki and crystal healing with guided meditation and sacred conversation.


Conclusion with Sacred Fire Ceremony and Spring Equinox Celebration. (All event attendees, as well as any guests, are welcome for the Sacred Fire Ceremony).
This historic event will convene at the Sunrise Springs Resort Spa.  Nestled in a valley below a natural pyramid-shaped mountain south of Santa Fe, NM. Humans have used this oasis for 3,000 years for refreshing recovery and energetic rejuvenation. These unique accommodations are being offered at a discounted rate for event participants.

Intention of Crystalline Convergence of Remembrance

The intention of this Crystalline Convergence is to move a unified group of individuals, through a multi-dimensional path that culminates in a collective remembrance of symbiotic intention.  Recognizing and re-establishing these ancient agreements will facilitate a sound wave frequency to aid in the adjustment in mankind’s collective consciousness.  This intended consciousness will resonate harmonious in all that are living on earth and beyond, causing a purifying ripple effect that will usher in a new era of existence which harmonizes with the purest source of intention.

The large Cathedral crystal cluster referred to as “The Pod” will facilitate an amplification of this collective quantum creation as it aligns our intentional vibration with the crystalline grid of planet earth.  It is the accessing of Mother Earth’s crystalline grid that will serve as a conduit of distribution of this critical harmonic adjustment that is to occur for the alignment of humanity, facilitating a global collective consciousness shift that is essential for the harmonic convergence of all living beings wishing to exist symbiotically on Gaia, our Mother Earth.


Information on Cathedral quartz “The Pod”

Excerpts from the book “Book of Stones” and other crystal channelers
Cathedral Lightbraries wait for a group of like-minded people to gather with the same collective intention, in order to program the crystal. Cathedral quartz combines well with color and light therapy, and tuning, toning and harmonies.  Cathedral quartz is unique in its ability to carry and transmit high vibration pure light.  Work with Cathedral quartz to raise our frequency, infuse your aura and body with a pure frequency of light, tune and balance your energy, and access the Universal Consciousness and Master Akasha.  Cathedral quartz crystals are among the richest of the information stones in the mineral kingdom.  They have been programmed to access the necessary knowledge for raising vibrational frequencies and evolving into the next level existence.  These stone are best used by couples or groups working together.  They are known as the Cathedral lightbrary quartz and are called “the light workers and wisdom bearing extraordinaire of the crystal kingdom. Cathedral quartz works within the 6th-14th chakras, from our third eye, well into the etheric realms of our light body and our highest spaces of consciousness.  Programming of crystals is basically setting them to perform a certain task/requesting their help for something specific.  This can be achieved by either repetition, or conscious focus and intention upon the crystal and task. The Cathedral Lightbraries can enable a group of two or more people to merge together in order to travel astrally, sharing learning and experiences. These crystals are a form of Universal Elestial, combining the personal depth attainable via an Elestial with deep Universal Mind knowledge.  They seek to store information, like a library, and only obtain that which is in harmony with the Divine Mind, combining human and universal thought forms.

Unique intentional shape: the spiral growth patterns are in fact individual crystals, sometimes hundreds which grow as One-and the internal is the One.  Cathedral quartz manifests the gwindle formation.  As the crystal rotates around its vertical or “C” axis, multiple terminations evolve, spiraling around the primary apex.  The terminations embracing the central point are lightbraries (libraries).  They have come together harmoniously to form one perfect whole large “fractal” of themselves.  They entirely embody community spirit, and though they will choose a wise guardian, they are usually only truly activated by group work.  they can increase our joy in sharing group situations, and encourage us to synchronize to achieve.

Meditating with Cathedral Quartz can access the Light Library. It aids attunement to the universal mind, and acts as a receptor and transmitter for group thought, which is raised to a higher vibration through contact with the pure energies of the crystal. It also provides access to the Akashic Record.  Cathedral quartzes are extremely large, but even a small piece will give you the information you need.  It is also a natural generator.  It is believed that Cathedral quartz makes itself known every two thousand years to aid the evolution of consciousness by raising thought to a higher vibration. Cathedral quartz can be programmed to bring about a better world.



Cathedrals hold the energy of the clear light of Being.  This quartz is here to assist human beings to find and clear those in their body, mind, or spirit, which keep them from moving forward; keep them from living in their own light.  This is a stone of true joy, and very high vibration, it can assist you in connecting with this energy and integrating in your life.

Cathedral quartz crystals can be used with any other stone, as well as with herbs, oils, sound, and various frequencies of light.  With all these, the crystals are capable of opening the inner doors to deeper knowledge.  When placed on certain light boxes, which can be programmed to pulsate with different colors at different speeds, Cathedral quartz can catalyze almost instant entry into multidimensional consciousness.  These crystals carry the frequency of humanity’s most evolved soul potential.  They collectively offer guidance, support and a vision of what the potential for one’s spiritual growth can be.  Utilizing the frequencies of Cathedral quartz crystals, one can gain access to this guidance, wisdom and support.  In meditation, these crystals offer a safe haven one can use as a base of exploration into spiritual reams. By entering the stone in meditation, one can access the altar of this energy to energize and empower the physical body and one’s spiritual growth.

This type of quartz assists in learning to work in harmony with others to manifest new ways of being on the earth plane.  They are excellent for calling in soul-group energies in healing rooms, meditation gatherings, and other group settings.  Cathedral quartz teaches the necessity of moving beyond individualism and into cooperative group growth. If one feels isolated, having moved beyond one’s old friends or social milieu, Cathedral quartz can assist in attracting a new group of like-minded persons with whom one can learn and grow.  Used in meditation on an altar, Cathedral quartz crystals create a safe, structured energetic environment from which one can explore the higher realms.  They are excellent for group healing work or for spiritual communities of all kinds.  Cathedral quartz provides an excellent gateway for persons fearful of connecting with the higher realms. It can assist in maintaining forward progress in one’s life and growth and can help prevent spiritual backsliding.

Event Schedule for Crystalline Convergence of Remembrance
Saturday, March 19th
6:00 AM to 8:00 AM          Quiet Meditation, Chi Gong
9:30 AM                           Reception, Preferences, and Parameters
10:00 AM                          Introduction to “The Pod”, a master cathedral quartz family
11:00 AM                          Part II of “Crystal Rainbow Beings” Slide Show, explaining the meaning of the pictures in the crystal by whom and for what purpose.

12:00 PM to 2:00 PM         Lunch
2:00 PM                            Reconvene with the energetic vibration of “The Pod”
2:30 PM                            Collective Harmonics. Learning to allow vibrational alignment and why, with harp, gongs, and bowls.

We will spontaneously create the crystal labyrinth together.
3:15 PM                            Break
4:30 PM                            Discussion of collective intention, evoking the master within us. The power of word vibration. Opening of the vortex.

Walking the crystal  labyrinth together.
5:00 to 5:30 PM                 Balancing and Grounding
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM           Dinner
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM           Quiet meditation with “The Pod” and Q&A. Outside drumming circle, all instruments are welcome.
9:00 PM to 10:00 PM         “If Rocks Could Talk” a quiet conversation with the crystals for sweet, lucid dreams.

Sunday March 20th 
(Saturday Attendance Required)
6:00 AM to 8:00 AM         Cultivation of energy, Chi Gong
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM         Breakfast and morning attunement with harp, music, and toning.
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM       Recognition and empowerment of master instructors and guides. Moving into our hearts and flowing into the amplification of our collective intention.
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM     Revisit collective intention. Becoming crystal clear with crystal amplification. Building to a resounding crescendo and learning to hold that vibration.

11:30 AM to 12:00 PM     Balancing and Grounding
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM       Lunch
2:00 PM                          Reconvene with “The Pod” and many other master healing crystals
2:30 PM                          Emergence of Healers, grid healing, collective healings, crystal layouts. All needs will be attended to with the large and rare collection of crystal healing wands.
5:00 PM to 5:30 PM         Balancing and Grounding
5:30 PM                          Dinner
7:00 PM                          Gather for Fire Ceremony, (The Equinox is at 7:40 PM).
8:30 PM                          Gratitude, acknowledgement, group overtoning, and quiet meditation.
9:30 PM                          Q & A until all are complete, satisfied, and full.

Responsible Parameters

This weekend will be a progressive realization. The energetic vibration will be built upon hour-by-hour, day-by-day, as our group slowly aligns with one another, as well as aligning with the frequency of a very powerful family of crystals. Vibrational alignment is comfortably accomplished through a slow, gentle attunement, building to a crescendo of exhilarating high frequency. Anyone may leave at any time. At the beginning of the weekend you will be given a crystal gift. This will be your means for re-entry at the appropriate times.

“Resolve to Evolve”






We intend a different experience. A pathway to the Heart. A journey through the story of ancient indigenous ones and joining their journey by partaking of the body altering pure form of chocolate called Cacao. This plant is known for its clarity and alignment with your soul’s purpose. Remembrance! Add to that the ancient frequencies of Tibetan bowls and gongs and the journey out of your head and into your heart begins. Once there the Soulfull Sima sounds will lock it down with intentional lyrics to tug at your heart strings to open you further to allowance, vulnerability, and transformation.




*Sacred Cacao Opening with Jim and Christel





*Sound and Crystal Vibrations with Monte and Liz




*SoulFULL Conscious Music with Bob and Shannon






What will we do?


What will we create?






What will we use?

“Tibetan bowls, temple gong,
Food of the Gods, ancient song,
Symphony of the Universe, elemental chime,
Integrated breath, soothing and sublime.”







*Activate a soul expansion that leads to external joy and subconscious bliss

*Remember the feeling of true freedom by accepting who you are as a conscious and intentional spiritual being
*Awaken your full human potential through a balanced and authentic path of realization






SPRING DATE: Sat May 13th

–Spring Intention: 3 Lower PHYSICAL Chakras – Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus