If you need more info please visit   http://www.heartmath.org/    Although we are not in full agreement or alignment with all the info on this site, it is a good source for those who “need to know” the modern science behind this old wisdom.

More information:

Physicists have discovered a Heart shaped jewel-like geometric object, called an Amplutihedron.

The photo of the flower blossom on the right occurred the week that the sacred heart of Gaia meditation was to be held. This random flower popped up on the property of the Crystal Ashram and has never been seen since.

Above left is an Artist’s rendering of the Amplutihedron, a newly discovered mathematical object resembling a heart shaped multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions

Did you know…

…Gaia’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as our heart rhythms and brain waves?


…the human heart’s magnetic field can be measured up to several feet away from the body?


…that the heart has a system of neurons that have both short and long-term memory, and their signals sent to the brain can affect our emotional experiences?


…in fetal development the heart forms and starts beating before the brain is developed?


…the heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa?