Pathway to Liberation

People come from miles around and from many directions to descend upon a labyrinth that has a specific point of entry and exit.
Each labyrinth is different and unique, proposing different experiences and challenges. The intention of our labyrinth is not to confuse, complicate, or get you lost in the many different twists, turns, and dead ends that are offered in your search for enlightenment or expansion.
To the contrary, our labyrinth will have clearly marked directions and arrows to indicate and accelerate the full realization of your journey as efficiently as possible.
We do not ascribe to the enlightenment through suffering concept, or the forgiveness through guilt, shame, or remorse. We all have been through plenty of those types of labyrinths. Our pathway is one of empowerment, recognition, and remembrance–a way to trigger from deep within you that which you already know, but have forgotten.

A path that is induced, accelerated, and amplified, through ancient techniques of sound frequency vibration, and energetic projection, using master crystals as the amplifiers and accelerators that they were designed to be.

This first step when entering this labyrinth is for one to experience one of our many public outreach sound bath meditations.

Second, is applying for an invitation to one of the many in-house events at your local Crystal Ashram.

We can offer the amplification of many master crystals from around the world.

We can offer the opening and the release through vibrational frequency.

We can offer conversations that are expansive to your mind and soul.

But all of these are just the doorway that you must open and step through on your journey at a Crystal Ashram.