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We awoke one day with a profound sense of disillusionment, a knowing that our life’s course was not in alignment with who we are, would like to be, or even close to creating anything that was from a Source from our personal intention.

This would be a turning point in direction for our life, for almost everything.


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Your journey began far before the point of meeting us, and everything in your journey thus far has led you to this point.

The question is, “What now?” and “Where might this take me?” and “Why should I engage in this unique process?”

The answer is, “We don’t know.”

But, we’re happy to help you to explore the answers to these important questions through an accelerated process that we call the PATHWAY TO LIBERATION


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Although there are many opportunities at the Crystal Ashram for activations, openings, breakthroughs, and realizations, these are not part of the PATHWAY TO ACTIVATION, but wayside rest-stops along the way.

It’s not the float tank or zen garden or personalized crystal meditation cave.

Our PATHWAY TO ACTIVATION is the process of full chakra opening and activation. This unique opportunity is offered through the Crystal Ashram’s intentional structure and pathway with crystals and specific sound frequencies.

The main thing to keep in mind is that this process is neither a journey nor a destination, but a progressive realization, an emerging energetic consciousness with the physical body, mind, and etheric self.


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It’s important to realize that your support, no matter what form of donation, is seed energy to be propelled forward for many Crystal Ashram openings to come.

Our model is one of perpetual motion and paying it forward. Your initial donations create the inertia for the first Crystal Ashram to have the ability to support many others from its overflowing abundance. What you set in motion will carry in motion. Your contributions in whatever form, large or small, all contribute to the initial fuel of an idea that will be sustained for generations to come.

Each Crystal Ashram is intended to be a community project. This is an opportunity for like-minded members in the local vicinity to take ownership of their local Crystal Ashram sanctuary by supporting through the following aspects:


Your Support


Thank you so much for your support. Please read the information titled “Your Support” right above so you can fully appreciate how your support will be used many times over in our Crystal Ashram Pay-it-Forward program.

Our current Crystal Ashram located near Annapolis, MD has been fully funded by its Founders up until this point.

We are so excited to share our many crystal classes, singing bowl workshops, private sessions, as well as sharing our space with our community with their workshops and activities.

Thanks again for your support. We look forward to having the opportunity to get to know each and every one of our supporting community members in a more intimate way at this very powerful and sacred space.

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Our Support